Durban Poison ZA™ - (Official) Not for Profit
Durban Poison ZA™ - (Official) Not for Profit. HQ: Durban Poison Estates™ Durban, KZN. Kwa-Zulu-Natal, South Africa. Mandated by Nelson Mandela. Copyright & Trademarks © 1985 -2018 Durban Poison™ Organization
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DurbanPoison™ Seeds (Sativa)


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If you would like world class cannabis and cannabis oil at less than 50% of your *current prices!

Durban Poison Estates - Seeds

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DurbanPoison™ Seeds (Sativa) 

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  2. Include that you have the authority to act on behalf of the company.

  3. That your country has given you permission to import this product/s.

  4. Your assurance that no amount or part thereof will be given, sold, or made available to any person or company within SA.

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Durban Poison ZA High CBD cannabis oil available 20ml. ZAR 4999.00
#DurbanPoison ZA High CBD #cannabisoil available 200ml. ZAR 39 000.00
Durban Poison ZA High #CBD cannabis oil available 500ml. ZAR 49 000.00

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