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 FDA and the governments cover-up 

Our *medical brands #CBD999 and #FDA999 are to our knowledge the very best medical cannabis oils available! The 999 indicates 9.99% of the active ingredient (Complex Cannabinoids) Read below!

Note: CBD999™ FDA999™ and MetaOpioids™ are all 'Durban Poison' ZA™ Brands. Beware of Fakes! 

We have spent over 35 year developing these cannabinoids; we started human testing about 30 years and continue to do so. Sadly or should I say in our view 'criminal' as many countries tests last no longer than 6 months.

Simply put even with less toxic drugs if prescribed to a 5 year old, what may the side effects be after 6 months, 6 years or 60 years, if they survive. A classic example is the strategic know facts of our most often prescribed Opioids; not only given to patients for postoperative pain or pain experienced from cancer and other dreaded diseases. It cannot be excused, the most advanced country on earth as an example in the USA, these killer drugs are classified as the lowest schedule drug. Often available over the counter. More people die from GP's (Legal) drugs especially opioids, in the USA then by any other way. This is a strategic cover-up by the government who have received billions and it continues, as one drug is deemed problematic, the same company launches with patents the next drug that is even more deadly this is nothing else but a strategic attack on their own population motivated by greed!

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products for 6 months. Our products are free of alcohol and toxins.

All our medical cannabis both luxury, medical and bespoke are protected from commercial pesticides and steroids etc. We are vertically integrated; in other words our companies unlike the profiteers and certain commercial pharmaceutical groups who have known the dangers of some medication and have billions of USD put into funds as they have already figured out the cost of the legal actions and deaths resulting from their drugs but go ahead anyway.   who purchase the most affordable plant or extracts thereof. We engineer and develop our own strains, we only use pre-industrial (Tests have been done to insure the correct natural contents) We do not add vitamins or minerals as in doing this, similarly adding a chemical to the human body side effects must be treated. This causes a domino effect, all 'natural' fruit juices to medical products, often claim no added preseratives or sugars to give a simple example. Do not be fooled as the fresh juice may be so but then the toxins are in the container.


     the natural balance causes   from the water and soil  used to the machines   strictly controlled in our own  cultivate        free engineered Engineered for Longevity. #MedicalWeed #CBDCBD999™ and Meta Opioids™ are registered brands of the Durban Poison ZA™ Group of Companies. 

#CBD999 or #FDA999 contain exactly the same medical oils. Depending on your country or region the name may differ. Note: There is no other product or oil that compares to the purity or quality, thus any other product that has a similar name the words or number not limited to: CBD, FDA, 999, are cheap imitations and we cannot take responsibility for these copycats ; we hope you infor us in order to take action that will insure no one is hurt or poisoned by fake products.


patient   100% These are are same product, due to international regulations; you will find one of the two brands.